Let’s Get America Back to Work Together

Despite President Trump’s leadership on the medical front, the American economy is being destroyed and people’s lives and dreams shattered. You can help America get back to work by understanding the facts and helping shape an exit strategy by filling out a petition to Congress.

4-Step Plan

As the Coronavirus wreaks havoc with a deadly and fast moving attack, the government is asking Americans to participate in cure that may well destroy the dreams, their livelihood, and the American economy. Italy may well be a harbinger of things to come. But we can avoid that fate.

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Exit Plan

Any exit plan must recognize that immunity from this virus is the only sustainable exit from the predicament we’re in. Immunity to this virus can happen two ways, herd immunity or an antivirus vaccine. Immunity plays a critical role in moving forward.

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Ask Dr. Fauci

We believe Dr. Fauci is a very talented infectious disease specialist and it is not our intent to question his approach to managing the Corona crisis. However, there needs to be a better balance between public health and economic health. In that light, we ask you to consider some questions for your representatives or Dr. Fauci.

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Make a Difference Today

Fact: Draconian stay at home orders do not reduce corona cases – only delay or “Flatten” to match hospital capacity.

Fact: The only safe exit from corona is immunity. Immunity can be attained in 2 ways:

  • Vaccine (not on near-term horizon)
  • Herd immunity – allow the 80% of the population that is unlikely to need medical intervention to return to work and to get the virus, recover, and develop immunity. Prioritize antibody testing to confirm immunity.

Fact: “Flattening” the curve delays the 15% of victims that may need medical intervention. Instead, flatten by quarantining the 15% and allow the other 80% + to get back to work.

Fact: worldwide deaths (Jan 1 – April 20, 2020) are as follows:

  • Covid-19: 166,041
  • Seasonal Flu: 147,011
  • Malaria: 296,433
  • HIV/AIDS: 508,036
  • Communicable Diseases: 3,923,241
  • Source: www.worldometers.info

Fact: Worldwide less than 15% of victims require hospitalization and over 90% of this group have underlying health issues such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes.

Watch these doctors talk about actual COVID data, not models

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Getting America Back to Work

Immunity is the Only Freedom

American Employers & Employees Tell Their Stories

Kay Aikin, Small Business Owner
I own a small startup technology company that was in the process of securing millions in venture capital when my spouse and business partner died late last fall. We reorganized and started the negotiations again and then COVID hit. Now my company is at risk of shutting down in July when we run out …
Robert Olori, Small Business Owner
They told us to social distance so the hospitals wouldn't get overwhelmed. They aren't overwhelmed and yet we are told to stay home.  They sent our kids home from school, so we kept them home, and now school will not reopen.  We had to close our art gallery that had just been open for …
Doug Bonestroo, South Carolina
My wife was furloughed April 1st and the state of South Carolina is denying her claim for unemployment even though she has worked for the same large US corporation for the past 10 years. They don’t answer the phones and we have little confidence we will see any money from the state. It is …
Henry Trollinger, Personal Trainer
I'm employed by Lifetime Fitness as a personal trainer and have been furloughed since March 16th. I think a sensible approach to reopening our state/country would be to allow the individuals who are not at high risk to go back to work while maintaining social distancing practices, hand washing, masks and limiting numbers of …
Daniel G. Murphy, MD, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital, The Bronx, NY
From the NY Post Article: "I've Worked the Coronavirus Front Line and I Say it's Time to Start Opening Up" I’m an emergency physician at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx. I have been in the ER every day these last few weeks, either supervising or providing direct care. I contracted a COVID-19 infection …
Lucas, Business Owner, Las Vegas
10 Years in Business. Covid-19 cut our Business to a third of the previous year. Being a local plumbing company in Las Vegas for over 10 years we had steady service plumbing work. In March, Governor Sisolak announced far-ranging closures that shut down all "non-essential" business activity. We, a plumbing company, are considered essential. …
Tim VanVranken, Business Owner
Hi I own a business and we have tried applying for the business loans and no luck no one has contacted us back. I also had a friend of mine who does the same business as me committed suicide a few weeks ago, I spoke to him 2 days before it happened. He was …
Sheri E Benedetto, Washington, NC
I left my eye glasses out and my dog got a hold of them and chewed them so they could not be repaired . I called MY EYE DOCTOR in Washington, NC to get myself a new pair of eye glasses. I have a eye problem called keratoconus it is where your cornea is …
Jennifer, Self-Employed Business Owner/Dog Trainer in Colorado
    As a small business owner in Colorado, I have watched the fear of this virus (mind you – I say the 'fear of the virus,' not the virus itself) devastate our economy, our trust in each other, and most importantly – our freedom.     I have watched as each week, restrictions issued by both elected …
Cindy, Mother of ICU COVID Worker
My daughter is part of ICU COVID team. Its a bad virus but we must get back to work. I have some ideas (in assembly line work environments, this might work): Antibody test workforce and strategically place immune employees between non-immune to minimize spread in the event of an infected employee. Bathrooms must be …