Cindy, Mother of ICU COVID Worker

My daughter is part of ICU COVID team. Its a bad virus but we must get back to work.

I have some ideas (in assembly line work environments, this might work):

  • Antibody test workforce and strategically place immune employees between non-immune to minimize spread in the event of an infected employee.
  • Bathrooms must be cleaned and a lid to prevent toilet flush plume when flushing since virus in feces.
  • Sellstrom helmet style face shields with facemasks are double protection and protect the eyes.
  • Have mandatory hand washing breaks.
  • Lunches should be eaten outside when possible.
  • Temperature taking daily.
  • Until treatment/vaccine emerge continue social distancing, discourage socialization with unfamiliar people unless distantly in free time.
  • Travel plans should be reported and where.

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