Jennifer, Self-Employed Business Owner/Dog Trainer in Colorado

    As a small business owner in Colorado, I have watched the fear of this virus (mind you – I say the ‘fear of the virus,’ not the virus itself) devastate our economy, our trust in each other, and most importantly – our freedom.

    I have watched as each week, restrictions issued by both elected and non-elected officials are extended, tightened, or become more and more arbitrary and hypocritical.

    The most frustrating thing to hear is the misunderstanding by some people that the lock downs are somehow ‘stopping’ the virus.  They’re not.  They are only slowing it.  At some point, everyone has to come out of hiding – especially for a virus that has a lower death rate for 2020 than Malaria, HIV, and the host of other communicable diseases.

    The media has let us down by reporting false numbers (supplied by scared and greedy sources).  The government has let us down on every level – city, county, state, and federal – by locking us down in the first place, and then by extending the lock downs over and over again.

    Stop moving the goal posts…lets get back to LIVING AGAIN.  It is not (and never has been) my government’s job to keep me safe.  It IS (and always has been) my government’s job to keep me free.

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