Kay Aikin, Small Business Owner

I own a small startup technology company that was in the process of securing millions in venture capital when my spouse and business partner died late last fall. We reorganized and started the negotiations again and then COVID hit. Now my company is at risk of shutting down in July when we run out of money. Sales we were expecting this summer are now being delayed which would have let us pass through this time of crisis. The government PPP money was only a stop gap solution. The only solution is to allow businesses in areas not as affected by COVID to be opened up and let America get back to work. The governors are overreacting and not fighting the enemy where they are. We need to protect the at risk, add medical capacity where needed while getting the rest of us immunity.  Without this the last 6 years that my spouse spent working on our business, our life savings and blood, toil, tears and sweat will be lost.

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