Sheri E Benedetto, Washington, NC

Sheri E Benedetto, Washington, NC

I left my eye glasses out and my dog got a hold of them and chewed them so they could not be repaired .

I called MY EYE DOCTOR in Washington, NC to get myself a new pair of eye glasses. I have a eye problem called keratoconus it is where your cornea is flat. 

So when I called MY EYE DOCTOR I found out that I could not get an appointment until JUNE the 3rd because they were not seeing patients because of Governor Cooper’s closing NORTH CAROLINA’S BUSINESS.  So I emailed a letter to Keath Kidwell and asked if he could ask Governor Cooper to open the eye doctors offices in Washington, North Carolina. Precision Vision told me they were not seeing anybody until June 12th. Meanwhile I am suffering with bad headaches morning, noon, and night.

Meanwhile fast food drive through is open the people behind the window collects your money with gloves on and they don’t wash hands but handle your food, now do you call this sanitary.

But won’t let an EYE DOCTOR open up and I am sure they know how to do the right precautions when doing eye exams.

So I will can continue to suffer with headaches and nobody cares.

So please open North Carolina EYE DOCTORS UP and all businesses essential.