Ask Dr. Fauci

We believe Dr. Fauci is a very talented infectious disease specialist. It is not our intent to question his approach to managing the Corona crisis. However, there needs to be a better balance between public health and economic health. In that light, we ask you to consider the following questions for your representatives or Dr. Fauci:

  1. Flattening the curve means we delay hospitalizations to match hospital capacity. So, why are “stay at home” orders being portrayed to prevent Corona vs. just delaying when you get it?
  1. If 15% or less of Corona victims have underlying medical conditions (compromised immune systems, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension) and these 15% account for 90% of hospitalizations and 98% of deaths, why are the remaining 85% being locked down in the name of hospital capacity?
  1. Following up with 1 and 2 above, if the virus is merely being delayed through lock downs and 85% of those who get the virus will not require medical intervention, is it not better for this 85% to attain herd immunity?
  1. If immunity is the ultimate freedom from this virus, should we not be focused more on antibody testing? Would an antibody phone app confirmation or wrist band not start freeing up a large portion of the population?
  1. Is it possible that the current reduction of COVID cases may be due to seasonal flattening we see with the flu vs. the result of draconian stay at home orders?
  1. When we discuss” flattening the curve” to stay below hospital capacity, why is hospital capacity always a flat line? Like the Strategic Oil Reserve should we not be heavily investing in a Mobile Hospital Reserve that can move from hot spot to hot spot and not require lock downs to manage hospital capacity?
  1. How did China contain the virus to just Wuhan with little impact on their economic hubs Shanghai or Beijing? At least from a scientific standpoint, does this not seem suspicious to you?
  1. Finally and most importantly: what have we learned from this virus? For the next virus, accidental or not, are we going to follow your same game plan of shutting down the country and destroying people’s lives?