Exit Plan

The Exit Plan for Businesses in Lock Down

By: Rom Reddy

Any exit plan must recognize that immunity from this virus is the only sustainable exit from the predicament we’re in. Immunity to this virus can happen from either 1.) A vaccine (which is not on the immediate horizon) or 2.) Allowing the non-vulnerable population (80% plus) to contract the virus and eventually attain herd immunity without overtaxing the hospital systems.

Based on this logic, the following steps are essential to create a viable exit from this lock down:

  1. Isolate the vulnerable to minimize medical capacity:

We require every employee to fill out a one page questionnaire developed from CDC guidelines. This questionnaire identifies high risk employees. These employees will need to be quarantined. We are offering to pay any added cost for a quarantine alone.

  • Missing: Federal/State assistance with the quarantine alone program.
  • Missing: Real time statistical database update of the vulnerable population.

  1. The Remaining 80% + Will Continue to Work:

They recognize that they have a greater chance of contracting the virus, while at the same time recognizing they are unlikely in most instances to require medical intervention. They will gain immunity over time and lead a sustained recovery.

  • Missing: Antibody testing to confirm immunity.

  1. Follow Social Distancing and Other Good Practices At Work:

Maintain reduced work place density and follow hand hygiene and social distancing.

  1. Petition Federal Government to Invest Massively in a Mobile Hospital Reserve:

Only sustainable way to manage the peak and protect against future attacks. The current “flatten the curve” theory assumes a flat hospital capacity, which what is driving the need for lock downs to manage the peak. Sign our petition here.

Rom Reddy is a Managing Partner and CEO of Sprinturf (www.sprinturf.com), a national artificial turf company headquartered in Charleston, SC. Rom is a graduate of the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania and can be reached at romreddy@sprinturf.com.

Immunity is the Only Freedom