Dear Congressman / Senator,

We urge you to consider a better balance between public health and economic health. We are not prepared to see the America we know and love destroyed by an extreme virus lock down. Remember that over 80% of the virus victims require no medical intervention. Also, remember there is no exit strategy without herd immunity for this 80% or a vaccine, which is not on the immediate horizon. Please support a 4-part strategy to a balanced approach.

  1. Use data from virus victims worldwide to identify and quarantine the 10-15% of victims that may need hospitalization. See link for a high-risk employee identification process based on current CDC guidelines.

  2. Allow the remaining 80-85% to re-start the economy. Only occasional medical intervention will be required with this group and herd immunity will be acquired. Make it a priority for antibody immunity tests.

  3. Isolate epicenters of the virus requiring negative tests to travel and prevent seeding new epicenters.

  4. Support funding for a Federal Mobile Hospital reserve to manage peaks in hot spots and protect us against future epidemics / terrorist attacks.

Please help open this great economy before it is too late.

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