Lucas, Business Owner, Las Vegas

10 Years in Business. Covid-19 cut our Business to a third of the previous year. Being a local plumbing company in Las Vegas for over 10 years we had steady service plumbing work. In March, Governor Sisolak announced far-ranging closures that shut down all “non-essential” business activity. We, a plumbing company, are considered essential.

However, shutting down the Casinos and “Non-Essential” businesses caused a domino effect. First thousands were laid off their Casino jobs, server jobs, hair salon jobs, cooks, etc. Our main source of work, Property Management companies, created a strict protocol for requesting service that entailed only hiring vendors for dire emergencies, due to passed down requirements designed to “prevent the spread” of Covid-19. 

We soon stopped receiving the 10-15 calls a day we had previously received. Now, we had to lay off 3 plumbers and our office manager. We applied for the PPP and were denied the first round. We had since re-applied but haven’t heard back.We were not in a situation without cash liquidity. We had money in savings. However, we won’t last much longer if things don’t open back up and allow people to work. 

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